25m KG430S maquina perforadora pozos Rock Borehole Drilling Machine for Coal Gold Mining

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Product Application

1, the drilling rig is suitable for water well drilling, prospecting, geophysical exploration, roads and buildings and other exploration and blast hole drilling projects.
2, It can be chosen according to different alloy drill bit and PDC drill bits and so on.
3, It can drill 2-9 grade sandy clay and rock etc.

Main Features

1, It has hydraulic automatic feed mechanism structure, improves drilling efficiency, reduces labor intensity.
2, It adapts the ball chunk mechanism instead of the card holder ,it can implement non-stop down the lever, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
3, Winch contains cage, forms a duplex structure supporting the star wheel, it can withstand strong impact.
4, Four groups of vertical box bearing retainer to ensure that the rotation has sufficient rigidity to deal with complicated geological conditions gravel layer, gravel layer, etc.
5, This machine adopts taper clutch national patent technology, it has transmission torque, easy operation, maintenance of the salient features.

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